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    Vacation – Why We Can’t Afford Not To

    $824.00 for Disneyland. I thought $90 a week for a kick in the nuts (counseling) was a rough go… But to shell out $824 for a three-day family pass just to have close proximity to a Galactic Gobbler or the not-sure-why-it’s-famous cheesesteak…? I don’t know if it’s mentoring from Dave Ramsey or my old Jewish...

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    Living on 15 Amps

    We’d gathered back at the WilderLodge after a full day of typical family life. Joshua stood outside to the right of the front steps taking a leak, making a large arc and clearly preparing for the snow he hoped would soon fall. After emptying our week’s plumbing activity into a 28-gallon portable tank, I climbed...

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    What Is the Way In?

    A young man once asked Dallas Willard this question: On normal days, what does your prayer life and daily rhythm look like? After that quintessential and thoughtful pause of his, Dallas carefully offered this response: There are very few normal days for anyone, especially in our world. So you have to be careful with that question....

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    The Social Animal

    The Social Animal by David Brooks “David Brooks has written an absolutely fascinating book about how we form our emotions and character. Standing at the intersection of brain science and sociology, and writing with the wry wit of a James Thurber, he explores the unconscious mind and how it shapes the way we eat, love, live, vacation,...

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    Tribe by Sebastian Junger We have a strong instinct to belong to small groups defined by clear purpose and understanding—“tribes.” This tribal connection has been largely lost in modern society, but regaining it may be the key to our psychological survival. Decades before the American Revolution, Benjamin Franklin lamented that English settlers were constantly fleeing over to...

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    Gone Fishin’

    The morning fog hovers like a shroud over the still, glassy waters.  Through trial and error over the week, my son and I have patterned the bass that once in a while work their way out of the weedy shelf seventy-five yards from shore and come into the shallows. On this particular morning, we are...

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