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    The Kingdom of God Is Like a Pair of Stretchy Pants

    It doesn’t matter if I’m onstage or not. I find the communal experience of a rock concert achieves a kind of transcendence. It’s the closest thing to what I think people expect church to be like. Or maybe just what I’ve always thought church should be. You lose yourself, and at the same time come...

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    The Daybreak Prayer – Consecrating Your Day

    How do we go about living in the Kingdom of God, on a daily basis? What is practical?  What is sustainable?  And how do we make it last?  As Eugene Peterson, author of the Message paraphrase of the Scriptures, reminded us, prayer is about being and becoming before it is about getting and doing. Prayer...

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    Consecrating Your Year

    What do we need as we turn our gaze toward a new year?  What is helpful? What isn’t? Where do we find Life?  And how do we make it last?  There’s a story I love about scientists in Capetown, South Africa, studying an extraordinary species called “Resurrection Plants.” Though these plants appear dead amidst the...

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    The Final Week of Jesus

    When a man knows the end is near, only the important surfaces. Impending death distills the vital. The trivial is bypassed. The unnecessary is overlooked. That which is vital remains.– Max Lucado To become the kind of trustworthy king to whom God can entrust the care of his kingdom, it is essential to reflect on...

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    New Podcasts from Other Platforms

    I’ve had the privilege of featuring the mission and message of Become Good Soil and Becoming a King on over 50 different podcast platforms this past year. My intention was to offer authentically, allowing each conversation to be led by the Spirit and have a unique character based on the host and the platform.  Here...

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    Anxiety to Peace [video]

    “It is profound how different our experiences can be inside our own skin. When it comes to sensations in the body, we are not on a level playing field. To love and be loved, to know and be known, it’s so important that we practice story-informed relating with ourselves and each other. Jesus is the...

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