This is for the few
A path and a process to restore the heart of a man

A King

Morgan Snyder’s Becoming a King speaks unabashedly to men, teaching them the life-changing truth about the power that God intends for them to responsibly step into for his Kingdom, while also giving women an honest peek behind the curtain into the lives and hearts of the men they know and love.

What is the Most Important Thing?

For more than two decades, I have relentlessly sought the answer to this question. 

Become Good Soil is above all an invitation. When the time is right, it is particularly an invitation into a decade to join me and a tribe of like-hearted men who together are recovering the path and process that restore the heart of a man. 

This is for the few who want to risk everything to live in a way that God has to show up. The invitation is made available to all. Yet it is always a few who respond to the wild heart of the living God with a wholehearted yes. G. K. Chesterton reminds us that every generation loses the path of Life, and every generation is charged with its recovery. For over 20 years, I have sought to curate and distill its recovery in our age. It’s my joy to share the adventure with you. To the few, the brave, welcome.

For the Kingdom,