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    Good Friday

    I took this picture of my youngest brother Lance on an ice laden stream in the northeast, just minutes after I helped him take his daily dose of chemo.  In that moment, and in many others Lance became a giant in my heart.  Dan Allender said of a remarkable wedding he attended, “In the end,...

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    In the podcast we referenced several tools as an onramp into a deeper liturgical practice. Let the treasures below be an invitation to a deeper exploratory process in becoming familiar with and cultivating a practice of living in rhythm with the liturgical calendar and community around the globe. Liturgical Calendar 101 (dates correspond with 2021) ...

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      “[Grieving] requires a lot of love, and love is a harsh comforter, because only love makes genuine loss possible. You can’t lose what you never loved.” Richard Lischer, Stations of the Heart “There is a hole in the world now. A center like no other of memory and hope and knowledge and affection which...

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    Wild, Unfettered, and Free

    The following is a reflection I wrote after ongoing ventures in recent years through the Message paraphrase of Matthew 21:12-18, the passage commonly referred to as “The Clearing of the Temple.” My hope is that it might help us thirsty ones peel back the glaze of over-familiarity and experience the scene afresh, as we find ourselves...

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    And We Will See You Again

    My brother crossed over April 13th. It was the most supernatural moment of my life yet. I haven’t written since then as I’ve been giving space to grieve, rest, recover from 18 months of battling for his life. Thanks for all of those who were led to pray for us in this story. My other...

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    (Three brothers and Dad) I met John three months after his best friend Brent Curtis (co-author of his first book, The Sacred Romance) had died. It was a tragic and unexpected death—Brent fell 80 feet in a climbing accident during their inaugural Wild at Heart event. (You can read more on that in John’s stunning...

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