Make no mistake, this is for the few.

Every man longs to be powerful. Yet how will we become the kind of men to whom power can be entrusted? How will we become the kind of men we were made to be?

Welcome to Become Good Soil, the comprehensive apprenticeship track for the mission of Wild at Heart. It is a gateway to the quest to recover the path and process of masculine initiation.

We’ve been waiting for you.

You’ve found yourself among a strong-hearted fellowship of brave men thirsty to experience the full portion of Rescue and Restoration on earth as it is in Heaven in their hearts, lives, families, and spheres of influence, and alongside them, a few brave women who are curious about loving the men entrusted to their care.

Curated over two decades and recovered at the feet of over 75 elders, Become Good Soil offers a unique invitation into the journey of receiving sonship, recovering the narrow road, and becoming the kind of man and the kind of king to whom God can gladly entrust the care of his Kingdom.

The invitation is for all, but as history teaches us, only a few choose this way of life. It has always been so. Those who do will become, by day and by decade, the kind of men and the kind of king whose hearts are strong, steadfast, and saturated in the Love and Life of God, and through whom streams of living water flow to their families and the kingdoms entrusted to their care.

To the few, the brave, welcome.

We’re glad you’re here.

For the Kingdom,


About Fueling This Mission

Become Good Soil is the comprehensive apprenticeship track for Wild at Heart.

Wild at Heart is a nonprofit crowdfunded ministry

It’s the generosity of our partners that allows us to do what we do and provide almost all of our content and experiences for free. While we do generate some income through the events, the vast majority comes through financial gifts from folks just like you.

We choose to remain small while having a large and global impact

Being small allows us to remain focused on the mission. We are a tiny outfit that continues to build on over two decades of shaping leaders around the world.

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About the

Morgan Snyder is a grateful husband of over 20 years and a proud father of a wildly creative and witty daughter and a joyful and passionate son. He serves as a strategist, entrepreneur, teacher, writer, and speaker. His passion is to both be shaped by and shape the men and women who are shaping the kingdom of God. In 2010, he established BecomeGoodSoil, a fellowship of leaders whose global reach offers guidance for the narrow road of becoming the kind of person to whom God can confidently entrust the care of his kingdom. Morgan serves on the executive leadership team at Wild at Heart and has contended for the wholeheartedness of men and women alongside John and Stasi Eldredge for more than two decades. He has led over a decade of Become Good Soil Intensives and sold out Wild at Heart men’s events across the United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, and Australia. Morgan goes off the grid every chance he gets, whether bowhunting in the Colorado wilderness or choosing the adventurous life with his greatest treasures: his wife, Cherie; his son, Joshua; and his daughter, Abigail.

Author of 
Becoming A King

About the

She is my sunrise.

My bride, my chief editor, the champion of my heart, and my truest companion. 

G.K. Chesterton once said that “every sunset speaks of his death and every sunrise of his resurrection.” Cherie speaks daily to my heart of his resurrection. Winsome, generous, engaged, thought-provoking, and intensely wanting more—more of life, more of God, more of Goodness, Truth and Beauty, wherever it can be found—she’s a devoted student, master of words, brilliant mother, inexhaustibly forgiving wife and partner, and more than I could’ve dreamed up in a best friend.

We’ve been married for over two decades and have struggled for, wept over, fought for, and looked to all that is available in marriage. We’ve had the high of highs and the low of lows, and we can say with profound gratitude that we’re intact and becoming more united with each passing season. Simply put, we’ve tasted the beginnings of what it means to lay your life down for another and to “contend as one.” We’re after the full portion of what is available in marriage.

As the Chief Life Officer of our domain, Cherie spends most of her time nurturing the hearts of our two teenagers and pursuing wholehearted transformation beyond what I even dreamed is available. She is professionally trained in offering trauma-informed soul restoration and care through mindfulness and movement classes. She teaches students regularly at Mary’s Home, The Navigators, The Classical Academy, and in private workshops through her organization, The Deeply Rooted Collective. Cherie is a teacher who leads alongside Stasi Eldredge at Captivating retreats around the globe and is occasionally a guest teaching pastor at Discovery Church Colorado.

She is, above all, the greatest treasure in my life.