Small Group Study

Take Action

Question One
Study Guide p.125 – Where are you currently trying to take shortcuts?

Question Two
Study Guide p.128-131 – Name a current frontier in your masculine initiation that’s being exposed through the relational model proposed in Becoming A King.

Take Action – How are you arranging your days?

  1. Go Deeper: Becoming a King chapters 7,8,9; Session Five in study guide
  2. Engage with the like-hearted. Put words to it. “God, grant me character that is greater than my gifts and humility that is greater than my influence. Never give me more power than my character can handle.” (Dallas’ prayer)
  3. Put into practice
    • Habitat – Lowest seat at the table (p.128-131)
    • Habits – Pick one practice for 7 days. How did it go?
    • Relational Model (p. 148) – Ask God what he has to say about each category. (What is your frontier?)

Reflection Questions:

1.  Observe the current condition of the space that exists in your life between your load and your limits. What does this reveal, through your actions, about what you believe about margin?

2.  Notice what has happened to your attention and your affection…

          over the last year

          over the last five years

          over the last decade

3.  What if this life we find ourselves in is not normal? Notice your capacity for adaptation. How has it been a blessing? How has it been a hindrance?