Free Parenting Devotional

It is the rare and brave parent who is willing to engage the deeper waters of the human heart. It is an even more rare and more heroic soul who is willing to do the work, slowly and steadily, by day and by decade, to become the kind of person they want their children to become.

In this seven-day devotional, Morgan provides questions of reflection for parents seeking truth.

Becoming a king book

Morgan Snyder’s Becoming a King unabashedly speaks directly to men, teaching them the life-changing truth.

Study Guide

A study guide that pairs perfectly to get you deeper in the message of Becoming a King.

Six-Session video bible study

In this six-session video Bible study, journey with Morgan into a process that helps men recover true courage and vulnerability.

BGS Box Collection

A must for men who desire to apprentice themselves to Jesus and learn to lead in strength, courage and love. The Become Good Soil Intensive Collection offers unprecedented training in how to receive sonship, choose the narrow road, and become the kind of man to whom God can entrust his Kingdom. 

Available for free to Wild at Heart Tribe members

Introductions to the Bible, Book by Book

by Eugene Peterson