This is an advanced level event for men who are fully consented to become wholehearted kings, in the company of wise, older men who have taken the ancient path. Men who are out in front. Men saying, “Come along.” Over a decade in the making and another decade of time-tested events, the Intensive is designed for world-changing men who are ready to engage in the most critical decade of their life. Men who will risk going deeper with the help and partnership of a select group of older, seasoned men of substance.

This Intensive is targeted for men who want to become the kind of men, the kind of kings, to whom God can gladly entrust the care of his Kingdom. A preference in selection will be men ages 30 to 45; however, it is open to men of all ages.

Attending Wild at Heart Boot Camp or Wild at Heart BASIC is a prerequisite for applying. The Intensive is designed for men who have suffered enough to know they don’t have all the answers. Men who would give a great deal to sit at the feet of older, wiser men who have walked with God for decades more and have gained some wisdom along the way.

It is a four-day event during which participants will have the rare opportunity to glean from the wisdom of seasoned and substantial older men drawn from the Wild at Heart fellowship. Together, we will pull back 50 yards from the front lines, bandage our wounds, and wrestle with the deepest questions and hopes of the masculine journey. We will dive deep into our stories and the stories of other men, and we will encounter the Father like never before. The event requires an extensive application and several references, including a spouse reference (if applicable).

Spanning more than a decade and having completed a dozen BGS Intensives, a maturing tribe of like-hearted kings has steadily emerged.

We would love to see you engage more deeply as part of this growing fellowship.

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Become good soil: Colorado

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Become good soil: Australia

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Sold out Events

  • 2010, Globe and Anchor Ranch, Colorado
  • 2011, Globe and Anchor Ranch, Colorado
  • 2012, Bear Trap Ranch, Colorado
  • 2013, Bear Trap Ranch, Colorado
  • 2014, Bear Trap Ranch, Colorado
  • 2015, Bear Trap Ranch, Colorado
  • 2016, Bear Trap Ranch, Colorado
  • 2016, Stanwell Tops, New South Wales, Australia
  • 2017, Bear Trap Ranch, Colorado
  • 2017, Stanwell Tops, New South Wales, Australia
  • 2019, Spring Canyon Ranch, Colorado
  • 2019, Stanwell Tops, New South Wales, Australia
  • 2022, Trail West Lodge, Colorado