Becoming a King online study


It’s my privilege and joy to welcome all Become Good Soil subscribers, women and men, to join me for a live six-week study of Becoming a King.

We’ll kick off October 6th and meet on Tuesdays from 2:30 – 3:45 p.m. MDT, via the Zoom online platform.

This is available exclusively to BGS subscribers. There are three simple steps to complete in preparation for October 6th.

Step One: If you’re not one yet, you can subscribe here.

Step Two: Once you’ve subscribed, register for the Becoming a King study.

Step Three: You’ll need a book and the study guide for our experience, and you can grab those at If you want to invite your church or community to join us, the publisher is offering Becoming a King resources for 50% off, plus free shipping for bulk orders. (That info is at as well.) Spread the word and join me in asking God to fill our time with his favor, power, and soul-strengthening gifts for each participant.

It’s rare that I have the privilege to host a coed community. Please let the women in your world know they are welcome to join us for this gathering. I am so excited for this adventure of the soul.

Any questions? Email

For the Kingdom,