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What’s the most important thing?

Over two decades ago the Spirit initiated a relentless quest in me to find the answer. What I found was not what I expected, and where I found it was in the most unanticipated places. With it came a restored strength and an unshakable hope. It turned out not to be a thing at all, but rather a path. A path to becoming who God meant when he created each one of us. And it is my joy and sacred trust to share this path with you.

May 2020, Becoming a King launched as a book, a six-session video series, and an in-depth study guide.

I’ve created this sampler of Becoming a King as a thank you from my heart to yours. Your innumerable choices to say yes to God and to participate in the restoration of his kingdom have shaped me personally, and are changing the world. I am deeply moved and deeply grateful. Along with this sampler, I’m excited to give you streaming access to the Becoming a King Video Series along with free digital access to the Becoming a King Study Guide.

Secondly, as I’ve prayed fervently and listened for God’s heart in this, I’ve received these words again and again: “I want to reach the many and find the few.” My aim is to do everything I can to participate in what God is doing. To this end, I am taking the risk to ask you to consider prayerfully and practically helping me invite others into the message and mission of Becoming a King.

The publishing industry is a rapidly changing landscape. Retailers are closing by the month, and what is now essential is a concerted effort through relational networks to connect these resources directly with the lives of the people who would benefit from them. Not only that, but strategic effort is also required simply to ensure that the resources are adequately produced, stocked and available. Specifically, there are four things you can do to help us tremendously in the months ahead. I’ve included those on the back of this letter.

Through the counsel of over seventy-five sages, through suffering and searching, and above all, by the faithful leadership of the Spirit, I’ve rediscovered the most important thing. It’s my joy to share it with you. And my hope is that together we can reach every man who would be oriented, strengthened, and transformed by it as well.

Above all, please receive my deep gratitude for who you are. I pray the message of Becoming a King will strengthen you in profoundly personal ways as you continue to shape others and bring forth God’s Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven.

Reach out at [email protected] if the need arises. Access these exclusive resources and more at BecomeGoodSoil.com/LaunchTeam

For the Kingdom,

Exclusive Gifts

Chapter by chapter sampler

A digital sampler of what Becoming A King has to offer

Video Curriculum

Streamed for 90 days

Access To Exclusive Launch Team Zoom Gatherings

Watch the first exclusive launch team gathering

Watch the second launch team gathering recorded June 2nd

Your Study Guide Digital Version

A conversation with the wives 

Come behind the scenes for an early access to this rare audio treasure and hear firsthand the fruit available through Becoming a King, from the wives of four men who have consented for over a decade to this path and process. 

Help Us Share
the Message

Four Ways to Help us share

1. Order Becoming a King

In today’s publishing market, retailers now make their decisions on stocking new books based on sales at Amazon. Ordering has become essential to assure that Amazon and others will choose to make the resources available.

2. Write a review on Amazon or Goodreads

Amazon now flags and removes all reviews that have per- sonal references of historical relationships with the author or material. If you’re willing to offer a genuine review with high ratings based purely on the merit of the content, these have become essential to communicating a new book to a new audience.

3. Share the message of Becoming a King with your friends and communities.

There are a variety of tools for you if you are able to share on social media, through email, and by word of mouth. You can find those here on this page.

4. Facilitate a Becoming a King video series group (face-to-face, or online using a tool like Zoom)

I crafted each video to be a short, compelling onramp to the message for individual or groups. All Becoming A King video group facilitators and participants are invited to join me for an exclusive author question and response session as part of their experience. Complete this form to let us know if you’re interested.

Join Morgan For An Exclusive Live Online Session

Personal invitations will be sent out to those who choose to facilitate a group of other men through Becoming a King. It’s a chance to dive deeper, ask Morgan questions, pray and share this unique experience with a rare fellowship of men.

Register so we can be in touch with a personal invitation for you and your group to participate.


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