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These days, Morgan is primarily leading online events. If you have an event you would like him to consider, submit a request.

Submit A Question For a Future Podcast Episode

It’s my privilege and joy to engage like-hearted men and women around these big ideas. Some of my favorite podcast episodes are the ones that feature your voices and your questions. We’ll do our best to answer as many questions or use the questions to shape future podcasts. If you have a comment or question you can use the tool below.

A few tips for recording:

  • Find a quiet place with as little background noise and echo as possible. 
  • Say your name, where you’re from, and anything else helpful for context.
  • Know the speakpipe tool only allows for 90-second messages, so think through what you want to share with this in mind. 

The tool we use to record questions works with the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox on Android devices. iOS devices don’t support recording audio in a browser, so you’ll need the SpeakPipe iOS app in order to record voice messages. Sorry about that. Best plan if you’ve got an iPhone is to ask from your desktop .