Now Accepting Applications – Become Good Soil Intensive 2015

We are accepting applications through January 15th for this event uniquely designed for world changing leaders of men.

Click here for more details and to apply.

Special Note – 5-6 spots will be reserved for graduates of past Intensive retreats.  In order to be considered for these spots, alumni can fill out the same application as the link above.

Below are a handful of responses from Become Good Soil Intensive Alumni:

“Put simply…as C.S. Lewis put it, in Christianity the myth becomes fact. The Intensive was one of the most mythical and mystical experiences become fact in my life. It wasn’t just daily revelation of the Father’s goodness, it was daily outpouring, rushing rapids not stopping, goodness never drying up but ever increasing. One of the things Abba said to me was, “Over and over I will be good to you my son, my king.” This happened…over and over and over. Amazing. Truly amazing. No bullshit, and no posing, it was amazing.” – Mark

“I’ve been to five Wild at Heart events in CO and led a bunch myself… I was concerned that my heart would not absorb anything from this retreat. I was wrong… Thank you for a beautiful and holy encounter with God.  The sheer number of one-liners of pure gold was amazing. This weekend was better than a google search for “wisdom,” “life,” “hope,”  and “freedom.” – Carter

“Love. The answer is love… Yes… thank you for creating a space and offering the wisdom to walk in it and for exposing how little I actually allow love to enter my life.” – Dave

“I’ve made a 180 degree shift in my life since The Intensive.  I am engaged, firing on all cylinders. I am dropping my pencil at 5 in my work world.  I am fully present to my wife and my children like never before. Thank you!” – Matt

“I came an orphan, haunted by the orphan spirit. Now I leave as a son.  To every question I asked of God this weekend, the clear answer was “Be a Son”. That’s it. And its everything I need.” – Tim

“So many questions answered, twice as many discovered. The father gave me permission to be young again. Step back into life. Live not strive.” – Blake

“Rather than bringing something back home, some revelation or some good fruit from a conference or retreat, I feel instead that I am just now embarking on a  journey that will be one of those pivotal moments that sends the pilgrim’s life on another, yet highly more meaningful, lasting, divine direction.” – Adam

“I will live differently as a result…you paved the way for me to get freedom from a wound that has plagued me for decades. You opened a door to a new way of living and you invested in the advancement of the Kingdom in ways that are immeasurable.” – Kris

“I have never in my Christian life experienced such a deep environment of stunning humility and grace.  For the first time I understand the verse that says the Kingdom suffers violence and forceful men take hold of the Kingdom forcefully.  The facilitators of my story group were “forceful men” that came after my heart and rescued me from fear and bondage.” – Daryl

“My grandchildren and their grandchildren will have you to thank – you have fought to bring the Kingdom of Jesus Christ – you have set the captives free. You have lived Isaiah 61… I’ve stepped into ‘unforced rhythms of grace.’ my life has radically shifted.” – Steve

Click here for more details and to apply.

This surely isn’t for everyone.  But it may be for you.