Abigail Shrier – Dignity Restored to Masculinity and Femininity [video]

“One of the most important tasks of a moral society must be to make boys into good men.”
Abigail Shrier, Wall Street Journal

Abigail Shrier is among the rare and brave public figures giving voice to what research indicates is a presenting crisis in our age.

Abigail is best known for her extensive work as a journalist, publishing articles for the Wall Street Journal, New York Post, Prager University, and more. To her core, she is a winsome champion of restoring dignity to masculinity and femininity. 

After uncovering startling statistics of the unprecedented number of teenage girls undergoing radical surgeries and hormone treatments in order to leave behind their biological gender, Abigail spent years interviewing over 200 young women and dozens of families to try to understand their experience. She then felt called to collect both the depth and breadth of her research into a powerful book, Irreversible Damage. This great contribution to the conversation on gender is an effort to fight for the well-being of a vulnerable, underserved, and at-risk population: teenage girls.

After reading her work and watching her videos on gender, I sought for eight months to bring Abigail Shrier to the Become Good Soil community Not only is Abigail a passionate mother of teenagers and a wife deeply committed to her husband, Zach, but she is one of the most ardent feminine public voices in our day advocating for healthy masculinity and the redemptive potential that Heaven is seeking to recover in the hearts of men.

Abigail is willing to plunge below the toxic culture war and look with kindness into a mental and soulful crisis of many teenaged women in our day. In the midst of these heart-breaking challenges, the Spirit is at work in untold ways, including the restoration of the hearts of men in order to bring forth more peace, joy, dignity, and hope to many—and particularly to the hearts of young women suffering in the absence of love, belonging, support, and care. 

Friends, in this conversation, an Orthodox Jewish Wall Street journalist who advocates for men and a friend of Jesus longing to advocate for women came together for heart-centered dialogue that sent us both into uncharted waters. Clearly the Spirit was in our midst. And it’s my joy to invite you in.

For the Kingdom,

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