Danny the Champion of the World

My all time FAVORITE book to read with my son.  Dahl said this was different than all his other books; this one wrote itself. He said he tried to keep up with his pencil as it wrote and wrote and wrote. He had no idea where the story was going until it’s masterful conclusion presented itself.  We laughed and wept and cheered as we read.  It’s a must.

The following is the description from Amazon:

Can Danny and his father outsmart the villainous Mr. Hazell?

Danny has a life any boy would love—his home is a gypsy caravan, he’s the youngest master car mechanic around, and his best friend is his dad, who never runs out of wonderful stories to tell. But one night Danny discovers a shocking secret that his father has kept hidden for years. Soon Danny finds himself the mastermind behind the most incredible plot ever attempted against nasty Victor Hazell, a wealthy landowner with a bad attitude. Can they pull it off? If so, Danny will truly be the champion of the world.


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