Longbows in the Far North

Great hunting books are rare. I suppose it is because great hunting mentors are rare. To find a hunter that is passionate about the land, the animals, the chase, who values ethics and joy above all other pursuits in the woods and who is more interested in hunting stories than hanging antlers on a wall, is a holy treasure. Thomas is one of those men.  It’ll do a hunter well to sit at his feet and be mentored in the wilderness and it’s ways.

The following is the description from Amazon:

In this entertaining collection of memoirs, Don Thomas takes readers to places few will ever have a chance to explore. His deep respect for the wildness of nature is ever-present as he recounts the country, people, and animals he encountered during archery expeditions in Alaska and Siberia. Whether pursuing open-country caribou, stalking Russian rams, or quietly observing black bears on the coast of Alaska, Thomas s vivid descriptions of the Arctic wilderness convey the wonder inherent in the hunting experience. 16 stories of bowhunting adventure in the Far North including exciting encounters with bears, moose, wolves, rams, and deer.

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