Son of Laughter

The Story of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph, told in some of the most stunning narrative and imaginative writing I’ve ever read. I’ve worn these pages out and lost count in the number of times I gave this book away.  The enemy is brilliant in making scripture become two dimensional, losing it’s heartbeat – losing the blood, sweat, tears and visceral dimensions of real people living out a real story with a wild, unfettered and free God. Buechner is simply brilliant. And the God He brings in these pages is even more… It’s a must to recapture the Story, Our Story in the mess and beauty of God’s people.

The following is the description from Amazon:

Rich in family drama, passion, and human affinity, critically acclaimed author Frederick Buechner’s contemporary retelling of this captivating and timeless biblical saga revitalizes the ancient story of Jacob, delighted our senses and modern sensibilities and gracing us with his exceptional eloquence and wit.

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