Unleashing the Power of Parental Love

A modern sage. Rare among men.  Gary helps unlock the deep roots of shame and helps unravel it’s grip over our parenting. He offers practical skills rooted in deep Kingdom realities. Sit at this man’s feet and it’ll transform your life, your today, and your children’s future.

The following is the description from Amazon:

Providing tried and tested steps that will instill unbounded self-confidence and joy within children, this book will also restore harmony between them and their parents. This guide provides professional advice to help raise a self-confident child, ensures that children will establish good friends and be successful in school, and teaches parents how to get to the center of their child’s world where their emotions reside—the energy source of behavior. Once inside their child’s world, discipline is much more successful and parents will accomplish the most precious of goals—their child feeling able to be loved.


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