“I’m always reluctant to write blurbs for books, and I didn’t want to write an endorsement for Becoming a King—but then I read it. It’s not sanctimonious advice written by somebody who’s never had his knuckles bloody or his hands dirty or his heart broken; it’s the honest account of a man who’s been where every man needs to go sooner or later. I don’t like to sign my name to things that don’t matter. This matters.”

Randall Wallace

Oscar-nominated screenwriter, film producer, director, BraveheartWe Were SoldiersHeaven Is for Real

The Great I Am


“Morgan asks better questions. His pursuit of the root system of manhood and fatherhood brings us within reach of deep truths that could help us outlast the modern brutal storm. Becoming a King is for the soul-hungry, sick-of-the-BS reader, which is why I love it.”

Jared Anderson

Singer Songwriter, The Great I Am, Narrow Road

Wild At Heart


“This will save your life. And innumerable kingdoms.”

John Eldredge

New York Times Best-selling author, Wild at Heart, Captivating

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