Become good soil: Colorado 2021

Four days to spend in the
wilderness with like-hearted kings

Four days unplugged from the matrix. Four days in a fellowship of world-changing men like you. A fellowship of men who want what you want and have to fight through similar battles to get it. A circle of young men all on the front side of marriage, parenting, children, vocation. What if you could sit among giants? What if you could share conversation, questions, prayer, and a campfire with a select handful of older men who have traveled the ancient yet elusive path of true masculinity ahead of you? What if you could spend some time, real time, with them—learning, healing, being strengthened from the inside out—in a profoundly personal way?

This Is An Exclusive Gathering Of
World-changing Peers, Under The
Care Of Trustworthy Guides…

In the company of wise, older men who have taken the ancient path. Men who are out in front. Men saying, “Come along.”

Over a decade in the making, the Intensive is designed for younger, world-changing men to have a chance to go deeper with the help and partnership of a select group of older, seasoned men of substance.

This Intensive is targeted for men with world-changing desires who are in their late twenties, thirties, and in rare exceptions, early forties. Men who are married and who have children, or who are moving in that direction. Men who are “kings in training.” As John teaches in Fathered by God, men who are moving through the cowboy and warrior stages, moving toward their kingly roles.

It is designed for men who walk with God, have attended at least one Wild at Heart-hosted Wild at Heart Boot Camp (mandatory), and walk in the ministry and message of Wild at Heart.

It is designed for men who have suffered enough to know they don’t have all the answers. Men who would give a great deal to sit at the feet of older, wiser men who have walked with God for decades more and have gained some wisdom along the way.

It is a four-day intensive during which participants will have the rare opportunity to glean from the wisdom of seasoned and substantial older men drawn from the Wild at Heart fellowship. Together, we will pull back fifty yards from the front lines, bandage our wounds, and wrestle with the deepest questions and hopes of the masculine journey. We will dive deep into our stories and the stories of other men, and we will encounter the Father like never before.

This event is prayerfully open
to approximately 70 men


A completed application must be received for us to prayerfully consider your participation. Three personal references of your choosing are required. If you are married we require one of the 3 references be from your spouse.

This event targets men roughly in a shared decade ranging from late 20’s to early 40’s. We do this intentionally as we desire attendees to have the integral experience of sharing it with a peer group that are in a similar season of life.

Alongside the selected sages, this event is going to be facilitated by Morgan Snyder and other men from the Wild at Heart Team.

The tuition for this event is yet to be determined for upcoming events. It includes all on-site expenses but does NOT include transportation to and from the event.

The event typically begins on a Thursday, at 4:00 PM and concludes on a Sunday, at 12:30 PM. By accepting an invitation to attend, you are agreeing to be present for the entire event start to finish. Applications will only be considered for men who can attend from start to finish.

The location has yet to be determined for all upcoming Intensives.

Primary consideration for applicants will be for first-time attendees so that as many men as possible have an opportunity for this experience. Alumni will be considered after first-time applicants.

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Find out more about the Become Good Soil message by clicking here. If you have questions, please let us know by emailing [email protected].


“As C.S. Lewis put it, in Christianity the myth becomes fact. The Intensive was one of the most mythical and mystical experiences become fact in my life. It wasn’t just daily revelation of the Father’s goodness, it was daily outpouring, rushing rapids not stopping, goodness never drying up but ever increasing. One of the things Abba said to me was, ‘Over and over I will be good to you, my son, my king.’ This happened…over and over and over. Amazing. Truly amazing. No bullshit, and no posing. It was amazing.”

“I’ve been to five Wild at Heart events in Colorado and led a bunch myself….I was concerned that my heart would not absorb anything from this retreat. I was wrong. Thank you for a beautiful and holy encounter with God. The sheer number of one-liners of pure gold was amazing. This weekend was better than a google search for “wisdom,” “life,” “hope,” and “freedom.”

“Love. The answer is love….Yes… thank you for creating a space and offering the wisdom to walk in it and for exposing how little I actually allow love to enter my life.”

“So many questions answered, twice as many discovered. The Father gave me permission to be young again. Step back into life. Live, not strive.”

“Rather than bringing something back home, some revelation or some good fruit from a conference or retreat, I feel instead that I am just now embarking on a journey that will be one of those pivotal moments that sends the pilgrim’s life on another, yet highly more meaningful, lasting, divine direction.”