South Africa Becoming a King Launch Event

Shared courage.
Shared tears.
Shared laughter.
Responding to God’s affection and pursuit.

What an amazing experience many of us shared together in the Becoming a King Launch Event! God is at work among the hearts of men in South Africa.
We are so deeply honored and privileged to play a part.

If you missed the Becoming a King Launch Event you can watch it here now. (We have excluded the breakout sessions to protect confidentiality of the participants).

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Four Next Steps

It is our intent to continue to invest in the men of South Africa and connect like-hearted leaders around the nation. With that in mind, we invite you to take these next four steps with us:

  1. Read Becoming a King.

  2. Participate Becoming a King Video Series and Study guide Available Free at:

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  4. Join Wild at Heart Leaders South Africa Gathering – March 31st – Register Here

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