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Friends I launched my book Becoming a King after two decades of searching for an answer to a simple question: What’s the most important thing? What I recovered wasn’t a thing at all but a path and process to becoming the kind of person that can be entrusted with power. Below is a gift as my way of saying thank you for your role in my life and an invitation to check out the book. I celebrate who you are and who you’re becoming.

With gratitude,

A Gift For You

A conversation with the wives 

Come behind the scenes for an early access to this rare audio treasure and hear firsthand the fruit available through Becoming a King, from the wives of four men who have consented for over a decade to this path and process. 

The path to restoring the heart of a man

Morgan Snyder’s Becoming a King speaks unabashedly to men, teaching them the life-changing truth about the power that God intends for them to responsibly step into for his Kingdom, while also giving women an honest peek behind the curtain into the lives and hearts of the men they know and love.


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