Work.Life.Play [Podcast]

Podcast Episode 002

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Dan Allender makes this bold suggestion regarding peer friendship in this decade:

Find like-hearted kings living in the same direction. Sign treaties.  When one kingdom is at war, both are at war.

Join me in a conversation with two “like-hearted kings” who have chosen to give a decade to Becoming Good Soil.  These men have chosen to fight for the hearts of their wives and kids and to become sons of God.  They also use their current avenues of work as sandboxes for the story line of this decade of excavation.  Aaron McHugh leads Work.Life.Play, an outreach to men in the marketplace. He also currently serves in a high level leadership capacity with an international software company.  Jon Dale serves as a consultant to businesses and ministries and also serves as our Director over IT Strategy for Wild at Heart.  Both men have lived the risk and rewards of the narrow road—choosing to Become Good Soil—for years now. This conversation about how God has fathered us through work, life, and play was a highlight of my year.
If you haven’t listened to Episode 001 of the Become Good Soil Podcast, I’d suggest you start there.
In the conversation we reference Did Jesus Wear Flip Flops.  You might enjoy reading this blog if you haven’t in a while.

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