Hello, Trouble [Podcast]

Podcast Episode 004

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C.S. Lewis was right when he summed up the dilemma of modern masculinity:

“We castrate the gelding and bid him be fruitful.”

It’s painful.  And it’s true.

Become Good Soil is committed to helping men find an alternative path—a narrow road—that doesn’t “remove the organ and demand the function.”

Join me for a conversation with Jon Dale and Adam Paulsen, two of my peers, allies, and role models, as we consider what it looks like to become wholehearted men.  The conversation took some remarkable turns and concluded with an experience of the Father’s love that was unplanned and simply remarkable.  And all of it was prologue to offer you a gift: a never-before-released remix of the older song “Hello Trouble,” recorded by worship teacher and leader Adam Paulsen and featuring newly added Become Good Soil lyrics penned by poet/artist Erik Swenson.  All of us, graduates of the Intensive, are going after the more that God offers—and hoping you will join us for the adventure. We sure hope you enjoy this as much as we did.

Hello Trouble is available at the conclusion of this podcast episode.

To Download a single of the Hello Trouble Song MP3, right click on this link and choose “save as” or “download.”

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