Diving Deep – An Interview with Craig McConnell [Podcast]

Podcast Episode 006

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“Never let the truth get in the way of a great story.”
– Craig McConnell

Nearly a decade ago, I had the privilege of seeking wisdom from Craig McConnell, a man who’s seen many miles, fought many wars, and conquered death more times than I can recount. It was an even greater privilege to circle back with him on another conversation, this time recorded for the benefit of other men like you.  Join us as we explore the profoundly deep implications of how we relate with others, how we embrace the decade of excavation, and how we grow in this decade of character over kingdom.

Craig with his King Salmon

In this conversation Craig references a powerful book, Addiction and Grace.  I strongly recommend it as well. Here’s a link if you’re interested in going further.


Craig also references his original counsel to me on the eve of this decade.  Like great scotch and like my brother, uncle, and friend Craig, it has aged well over time.  I include it below for your benefit, praying that the Father would have gifts for your heart in it.


As many of you know, Craig has been battling for Life and against the death of cancer for the last few years.  As you are encouraged and strengthened in this podcast, please stand with me in bringing God’s Kingdom on behalf of Craig.  And Praying the full resurrection life of God to fill Craig’s body, soul and Spirit.

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