Receiving the Heart of the Father – Cherie Snyder

Podcast Episode 010

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The soul searches for a Father.

It was John Ortberg who put those words to me in a way so succinct it cut to the core.

I see it in nearly every action of every day.

Every reaching.

Every ache.

Desire reveals design.  Design reveals destiny.

It is the intention of the heart of our True Father that we would become sons in ways beyond what we could ask for or even imagine.

That’s why George MacDonald offers this invitation:

“Since we are the sons of God we must become the sons of God.”

It is available.

For the first time, my wife offered a session at a recent Captivating retreat on receiving the heart of the Father.  While it was a session offered to women, as I soaked in it, I found my heart responding to yet another deep and vast portion of the Father’s love pursuing me.

We offer it to you as a gift and a promise that there is more.

Endnote: This would be a great bridge to share with your wife and invite her into becoming a daughter more deeply than she has known.  If you want to step into her world of becoming a daughter even more, watch The Little Princess for a date night as part of going through this podcast.


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