Dismantling the Fig Leaf (Part Two of Two) [Podcast]

Podcast Episode 017

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Eugene Petersen, author of The Message, makes this observation:

The two most difficult things to get straight in life are love and God. More often than not the mess that we make of our lives can be traced to the failure in one or both of these areas.

Sages have a capacity to see our lives illuminated with a glow that can only be appreciated through the view of many decades to come. From victory and defeat, agony and hilarity, they can help us see clearly the dangers we might not see that create a life that is simply not sustainable.

How do we choose a life whereby we become the kind of men who can not only finish well, but genuinely enjoy our lives and the people around us in the midst of our days? How is it that the things that matter most for many men are the very things that, over time, are discarded as casualties of war?

Join Reese and me as we pick up on the second part of a two-podcast series. If we are to truly come to this with sincere curiosity, honest consideration, and a willingness to not settle for less, it has the possibility and the hope to transform our lives for eternity.

If you haven’t listened to Part One, I recommend you start there.

Strength and Honor,


Below is a quote I reference in this teaching drawn from Dallas’ words in The Divine Conspiracy:

Jesus’ enduring relevance is based on his historically proven ability to speak, to heal and empower the individual human condition. He matters because of what He brought and what He still brings to ORDINARY human beings, living ordinary lives and coping in their daily surroundings. He promises wholeness for their lives. In sharing our weakness He gives us strength and imparts through His companionship a life that has the quality of eternity.



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