Plank and Speck Wrap Up (The Marriage Series – Part Three) [Podcast]

Podcast Episode 029

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The offer is Life.

Yet that abundant life is often found in the least likely of places.

What is the most effective path toward the much looked-for restoration in the heart of your spouse?

Join Cherie and me in this second half of a conversation in which we reflect on the particular elements of Reality as Jesus reveals what can bring more life to our marriages than we ever thought possible.

Jesus, we choose to pause.

Jesus, we open the gate of our soul and trust that you are reliable and fully capable of providing a way where there is no way.

In this episode we offer some reflection questions for deep consideration. Take the time to stay with God in those questions until you are led into the more he is making available.

With deep anticipation,

Cherie and Morgan

Note: If you haven’t listened to the first portion of this conversation on the plank and the speck, you’ll want to start there.

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