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Spontaneity is the fruit of preparation.
Jonathan David Helser

“Did you bring me out here in the storm to kill me?”

This pained and brutally honest prayer poured from Jonathan David Helser’s heart in the midst of a moment of exposure and hand-to-hand battle with the living God.

Jonathan explains,

Over the years, the Father has engineered circumstances to expose some of the core beliefs and lies that have tried to silence my heart. He has led me on a journey of initiation to excavate and transform these deep-seated beliefs in order that I might come into the fullness of life as it was meant to be.

Praying my most honest prayer gets me to my core beliefs.

And in response to “Did you bring me out here in the storm to kill me?” the Father spoke back this truth:

“I did not bring the disciples into the storm to kill them.

I brought them into the storm to kill their fear.

Son, I have brought you into the storm to kill the fear that lives in you.”

Join me in this final installment of a three-part journey of receiving more of the wild love of our Father alongside songwriter, musician, father, husband, and son, Jonathan David Helser.  

If you haven’t listened to part one or part two, you’ll want to start there.

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