What if Margin Could Save the World?

Podcast Episode 060

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“Make margin in your life, or life will make margin for you.”
Chuck, from a federal prison cell

No one stops to think.

These five words, spoken over two thousand years ago,have the potential to change your life more than any others. 

These five words are the headwaters from which a single idea is found, an idea that might be the universal narrow gate through which all like-hearted apprentices of the Kingdom of God must travel if we are to recover the Gospel in our age.

Having nothing to do with COVID-19 or a pandemic, we find ourselves in an unprecedented time in the history of humanity in a wholly other respect.

Thankfully, every unprecedented challenge comes with its own unprecedented possibility and particular provision, for such a time as this.

Join me as we risk going after the deeper things of God and his Kingdom together.

Below, you’ll find resources referenced in the podcast that will help you dive deeper.

There is a revolution being seeded around the globe. It’s a revolution of the human heart. It’s taking hold. This is our hour.

Let’s go.

For the Kingdom,

Linear vs. Exponential Growth Curve

Human Function Curve

1Isaiah 44:19a NIV

Reflections Questions: 

1.  Observe the current condition of the space that exists in your life between your load and your limits. What does this reveal, through your actions, about what you believe about margin? 

2.  Notice what has happened to your attention and your affection…

          over the last year

          over the last five years

          over the last decade

3.  What if this life we find ourselves in is not normal? Notice your capacity for adaptation. How has it been a blessing? How has it been a hindrance?


Margin by Richard Swenson


The Overload Syndrome by Richard Swenson


Hurtling Toward Oblivion by Richard Swenson



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