Heroic Stories Series – Wives of the Become Good Soil Intensive Fellowship

Podcast Episode 065

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As we anticipate the next Become Good Soil Intensive event—we are now accepting applications—I want to feature stories of what our Father is accomplishing through this message: stories of heroic men recovering heart, strength, joy and intimacy; stories of heroic women championing those men; and stories of women benefiting from men who have risked getting curious about the landscape of their souls and consenting to the process of becoming the kind of king to whom God can entrust his Kingdom.

I am blessed to have now cultivated quite a number of allies living this message, including the friends whose lives I have the privilege of seeing up close. I reached out to a few of these men to ask if I could invite their wives into a conversation. What I wanted to hear is what it’s been like for the women to live with their men. I wanted to hear from each woman how she would respond to this question: What is the fruit of the message of becoming a king in your husband’s life?  

I’m confident you’ll enjoy listening to these three candid and courageous women and the stories they generously share. Above all, my hope is that as you listen, your heart is strengthened with deep assurance of the radical transformation and care that our Father promises along this way.

As you hear the fruit of consenting to a decade of becoming, if you’re compelled to find out more about the Become Good Soil Intensive, you are on time. We’re accepting applications now.

For the Kingdom,

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