Arranging Our Days – An Intimate Conversation from the 2019 Become Good Soil Intensive

Podcast Episode 066

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“We must empty ourselves of that with which we are full so that we might fill ourselves with that of which we are empty.”
–St. Augustine of Hippo, 425 A.D.

How do we become the kind of men who have

nothing to fear,
nothing to hide, and
nothing to prove?

Our Father is making available the way to becoming this kind of man every moment of every day. All that is needed to access it is the simple and powerful act of consent, consenting in this day and for this decade to the slow and steady process of becoming wholehearted.

Join John and me and the participants of the 2019 Become Good Soil Intensive for an honest and vulnerable conversation as we dive deep into the mystery and possibility of recovering our whole hearts and the wellspring of life Jesus promises will well up from within.

Jesus says it’s possible; we are testing his audacious claim and finding it to be true.

Join us.

And for those of you interested in diving even deeper into the mission and message of Become Good Soil, the deadline for 2021 Intensive applications is fast approaching. We will review and pray over all completed applications received by November 1st. Find out more here. Participating in a Wild at Heart BASIC as facilitator or attendee or attending a Wild at Heart Boot Camp is a prerequisite for any Intensive, so you’ll want to check those two opportunities out if you haven’t done so yet.

Nothing to fear.
Nothing to hide.
Nothing to prove.

It’s available.

Let’s recover the ancient path together.

For the Kingdom,

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