The Inquisitive Christ – Part 1 of 2

with Cara Murphy

Podcast Episode 068

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“The intention of God is that we should each become the kind of person whom he can set free in his universe, empowered to do what we want to do. Just as we desire and intend this, so far as possible, for our children and others we love, so God desires and intends it for his children. But the character, the inner directedness of the self, must develop to the point where that is possible.”

–Dallas Willard, The Divine Conspiracy: Recovering Our Hidden Life in God

“What do you want me to do for you?”

It’s a soul-penetrating question from Jesus to each of us. And it is not the only one; the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures record God asking over 300 questions of humans. Curiosity, it seems, might be at the epicenter of the Father’s heart.

If intimate, mutual knowing is the point (and given the often hidden nature of what is really going on inside of us), there is nothing more incisive and connecting in our relationship with God than the questions he is asking us on this very day.

How do we recover these most precious questions? 

Cara Murphy is a woman of the questions. She is an apprentice of the King, a mother, a wife, and a thirsty, wild-hearted lady of wisdom. Through her craft and care, we’re welcomed back to God’s ways of igniting imagination, intellect, and soul.

It’s my joy to explore her book, The Inquisitive Christ, together and recover some of the central questions needed in this hour on the earth.

Let’s dive in to part one of a two-part Become Good Soil podcast series.

For the Kingdom,

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