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Podcast Episode 076

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To an unaccustomed onlooker, the ancient practices, set prayers, bells, and incense of formal liturgy may seem perplexing or even bizarre.

But as I’ve gone through another round of unlearning and relearning rightly, I’ve begun to grasp—with the help of longtime ally Simon Kyne—that liturgy was intended to be a grace and essential stream to draw near to God and access the full breadth and depth of his Kingdom.

And as is often the case with any structure or institution, the heart of God can get lost in the debris.

How do we recover these sacred practices that have stood the test of time? How do we receive afresh the Life of God through the symbols, ceremony, and traditions that anchor us in the past, present, and future reality of God’s Kingdom? What can we learn from the labor and love of thousands of years of apprentices who have gone before us? How do we recover an annual rhythm and liturgical calendar that guides us through our months and years and centers it all upon the resurrection of the King of kings and the hope of the Restoration of All Things? 

Friends, I want to welcome you to the deep end of the pool with Simon, this faithful guide who has cultivated personal and corporate liturgical practices for four decades.

Christ has died.

Christ has risen.

Christ will come again.

Let’s dive in.

For the Kingdom,

In the podcast we reference several tools as an onramp into a deeper liturgical practice. You can find those here.

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