Back to the Garden

Podcast Episode 086

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Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.
– Goethe

If the primary expression of God, his Kingdom, and his story happens through the recovery of family, why is it often so difficult to experience breakthrough? What’s with the regular boredom, monotony, or discouragement?

What if engaging these challenges is not a distraction from our Kingdom calling, but rather precisely the path to its fulfillment?

What if the holy constraint of pursuing and cultivating wholehearted relationships with those under our care is a holy invitation back into the garden of simplicity with God? 

Jane is a woman consented to the slow and steady process of maturation, responding with her feminine heart to the invitation from God to become whole.  

Join me as she invites us back into the Garden to participate in a beautifully inefficient and joy-inducing life in God. 

For the Kingdom,

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