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Podcast Episode 089

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When I look at him there is a collection of awful memories. Memories I have spent most of my adult life trying to forget.
The Kid 

Some of our most determined energy is poured into forgetting the sights, sounds, and locations that harmed our souls. At best we acknowledge them but minimize their significance; at worst we bury them, laboring to convince ourselves that our painful experiences play little role in the kind of men we have become.

Yet a wound ungrieved is a wound unhealed.

The relentless mission of Jesus is to heal and restore every aspect of our personhood. To rebuild what has been devastated. To befriend the young, dismayed, and lonely parts of us that have never been welcomed home.

How do you treat the little boy inside of you? 

What are your knee-jerk reactions when circumstances expose young places in your soul that have yet to be healed? 

What would it be like to join God in seeking and shepherding the young places within, receiving the relentless pursuit of a Loving Father?

Join Cherie, John, Stasi, and me as we discuss the importance of knowing our woundedness and actively receiving the healing that God longs to bring. 

May this conversation be an encouragement to your heart today, and may it also be a fresh invitation to join us for the Wild at Heart Experience and Captivating Experience made available free to you and others.

For the Kingdom,

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