The Becoming a King Experience

Podcast Episode 097

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What will they say about you when you’re gone?

What is the most important thing?

What if you had another chance?

What if there was an ancient path that led to life as it was meant to be?

Would you take it?

What if it wasn’t easy?

What if it wasn’t cheap?

What if it wasn’t quick?

What if there was a way to be good again?

…to become who God meant when he meant you?

What if you could have your whole heart restored?

What if you could be strong again?

…courageous again?

…and learn to love with a ferocity that outlives your life?

What if that’s what they remember?

Brothers, it’s happening. 

More and more men are saying yes to God in this hour, consenting to a process of inner transformation and slowly and steadily becoming men who are deeply good. Men who are true. Men who will be celebrated when they cross over from this life into eternity as men who built and lived legacies of love.

Don’t miss this invitation to the Becoming a King Experience as John and I explore the heartbeat of authentic masculine initiation and provide a relevant and fresh context to use this resource personally or with a group. 

As you turn the corner into a new year, we invite you to pray about how this free resource can personally fuel your masculine initiation and strengthen the souls of the men in your world.

After listening to this BGS podcast exclusive, find out more about the Becoming a King Experience here.

For the Kingdom,

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