I Was Sure, with Adam Paulson

Podcast Episode 099

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Life is our resume. It is our story to tell, and the choices we make write the chapters. Can we live in a way where we look forward to looking back? Inevitably, we are all going to die. Our eulogy, our story, will be told by others, and forever introduce us when we are gone. The soul objective: begin with the end in mind.
– Matthew McConaughey, Greenlights

Where have you collided with the limit of what your best can accomplish? 

Where are you coming to terms with your powerlessness? 

How have you responded to the reality that, in some stories and places in your life, your very best strength is still not enough to achieve the outcome you long for? 

Brothers, we are diving into deep waters yet again. 

Masculine initiation is always unique and, at the same time, always universal. 

One of the universal crucibles is when our best is not enough. Through this painful birth canal of soul, God delivers us from our self-sufficiency into the reality of an indestructible life. 

Drafting off the wheel of brave men like Adam Paulson—a legend among the few who have said yes to God and his Kingdom a thousand times—greatly helps us cross this challenging terrain.

You don’t want to miss this poignant blend of conversation and song featuring the newest album release by BGS alumni, music artist, and worship leader Adam Paulson.

In this very special episode, Adam and I reflect afresh, with tears and laughter, on the mystery of suffering and hope presented in the holy middle of a decade of consented initiation.

Beyond the new songs featured in this podcast episode, you can find the full collection of Adam’s music on Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp, or just about any place you go for soul-strengthening melodies.

Sit back, slow down, and let these songs and stories permeate your soul, tend to you in your quiet suffering, and fill you with a greater hope.

For the Kingdom,

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