Work: Repairing the Sacred Secular Divide

Podcast Episode 103

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There are no unsacred places; there are only sacred places and desecrated places.
Wendell Berry

There simply is no distinction between sacred and unsacred work in the world. 

The ache and longing in a man to have purpose and meaning expressed in his daily work is universal. It is intrinsic to our design, marred in the fall, and contested terrain in every masculine soul.

So often we spend precious energy and time hoping for “the next job” in order to engage in the work of God. Rarely does it come. And even when it does, the familiar specter of futility so often continues to haunt us. 

But what if our work already is sacred? 

What if our current assignment already is God’s work? Or at least, it could be?

As men, the core desires we share are greater than any distinction in how they are expressed.  

I had the JOY of circling up with two men I love who are both fully immersed in the Kingdom of God and are engaging wholeheartedly in work that many might mistakenly consider secular assignments.

Buckle up for an honest and hopeful conversation that helps us recover a Kingdom vision of the aspect of our lives we have come to call work. 

For the Kingdom,

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