Coming Home, Part 3

Podcast Episode 106

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I will not abandon you as orphans….I am coming back for you.
– Jesus of Nazareth

Friends, there is much to hope for in the face of our apparent waywardness with God and our nagging discontent. 

God is coming for us. 

In his book Renovated, Jim Wilder explains the very simple and profound path to re-attaching ourselves to God and finally becoming the kind of people who can heed the supreme command of Jesus to love God with all our heart, mind, and strength. “…having received love, you will be transformed into a person who loves.”

The secret is not found in a heroic, self-made mixture of beliefs, practices, and willful effort. 

The secret is in receiving the love, care, and nourishment of God, over decades, into our souls. 

The hope is not found in our effort or action, but rather in the desire, design, and deepest intentions of God’s heart. 

There is more.

Join Cherie and me in Part 3 as we share stories of coming home to receive the overflowing love, attention, and care of God through multiple stages of development. 

For the Kingdom,

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