Robust Well-Being – 2019 BGS Intensive, Part 3

Podcast Episode 109

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Attachment begins in the first few months of life, but it is the continuous presence of a mother in the first 18 months that is the first step in building a deep and lasting sense of emotional security in a child. This security forms the basis of a child’s sense of self for the rest of life. Bonding is putting the pieces together and attachment is gluing them into place.
Erica Komisar, Being There

“Are you glad to be with me?”

It was Mom who first and foremost was to answer our unspoken question with a wholehearted “yes!” to the depths of our soul. And not just once, but ten thousand times over.

While our father forges us, our mother forms us. 

Our earthly mother was intended to be our first encounter with reliable nourishment, cherishing protection, unconditional delight, renewing rest, and safe emotional connection. 

Through her attentive, loving gaze, we were meant to experience our worthiness of love and belonging simply because we exist. We are not only deeply loved but also fully seen, known, and celebrated by one greater than ourselves who needs nothing in return.

No earning. 

No transaction.

No conditions. 

One whose wise, regulated, and affectionate relating communicates, “I am so happy you exist. I am so glad to be with you. There is more than enough for you.”

That’s what we were designed to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

We were designed to experience abundant, cherishing love freely offered from a wholehearted source.

Pay attention to your own story. What has been your experience of being loved without condition by someone who had robust well-being to share? 

Where have you experienced abundance of provision?

And where do you currently experience a sense of fullness, a sense that nothing more is needed and there is no lack?  

Friends, join me and this like-hearted tribe of men across the globe choosing to break the limits of who God can be for us; what God can do to meet our need to be seen, soothed, safe, and secure; and how God might choose to meet these sacred needs. Part 3 of the 2019 BGS Intensive series is a risky invitation to look to God as Mother and experience robust well-being as the powerful fruit. 

For the Kingdom,

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