A Soul’s Review

Podcast Episode 124

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“Where are you, Adam?”
– Genesis 3:9

A disruptive phrase in Isaiah 44 has grabbed my attention and refused to let go. Notably grieved, the prophet utters these words:

“They know nothing, they understand nothing. Their eyes are plastered over so they can’t see, and their minds closed so they cannot understand….No one stops to think…” (44:18-19 NIV)

The prophet was urgently inviting the people of his day to stop everything and consider afresh God and his engagement with them. More than 2500 years later, the Spirit urges us to do the same. 

This new guided exercise from Become Good Soil is intended to help you slow down to reflect with the Spirit through the close of this year and the launch of the next. Together we will look back in order to look forward.

Honoring your own masculine heart and life in God, I encourage you to set aside two or three hours of distraction-free time to engage in this Soul’s Review.

Download the free guided reflection here.

I recorded this podcast to walk together through the entire reflection. The podcast includes everything in the PDF with even more examples, explanations, and guided prayer. You can go through this reflection using only the PDF, or engage the podcast and PDF together for a more shepherded experience. The choice is yours.

What if your whole story is one unbroken line of intentional initiation as your Father shepherds you into the wholehearted, mature man he intends you to be? What if pausing with him to review this past year will uncover the particular treasures and clarify priceless insight for the journey ahead? He’s worth it. And so are you.

For the Kingdom,

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