The Cost of Non-Discipleship, with Cherie Snyder

Podcast Episode 138

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Discipleship to Jesus is the greatest opportunity individual human beings have in life and the only hope corporate mankind has at solving its insurmountable problems.
– Dallas Willard

What is discipleship? 

What is salvation?

And what relevance do these sometimes abstract concepts have for sharpening our ordinary, everyday lives? 

What if salvation is both an individual and communal process that is daringly lived out across the days and decades of our relational lives?

Friends, it is my joy to welcome my very favorite guest onto the Become Good Soil podcast to explore these waters with me: Cherie Snyder. She is my bride, my best friend, and the inexhaustibly loving mother of our kids. In this episode, she offers what she has lived and who she has become through 25 years of discipleship to Jesus. You don’t want to miss this. 

For the Kingdom,

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