Eugene Peterson, with Winn Collier (Part 2)

Podcast Episode 140

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In fiction, we should have no agenda except to be truthful.
Winn Collier, Love Big, Be Well: Letters to a Small-Town Church

Friends, it was Wendell Berry who, after seven decades of apprenticeship, penned these words:

I can remember those early years when it seemed to me I was cut completely adrift, and times when, looking back at earlier times, it seemed I had been wandering in the dark woods of error. But now it looks to me as though I was following a path that was laid out for me, unbroken, and maybe even as straight as possible, from one end to the other, and I have this feeling, which never leaves me anymore, that I have been led.

These words have both haunted and beckoned my masculine soul for years. They lead me to this question:

How do I become the kind of man whose ever-increasing inner experience is that of being led?

In Part 2 of this conversation, Winn Collier and I explore the beauty of surprise and the agony of mistakes that our Father affectionately uses in the unique mosaic of our masculine initiation. 

Winn is honest. 

He is passionate. 

He has a huge heart. 

And with his PhD in the life and context of Wendell Berry’s central fictional character, Jayber Crow, he is indeed a kindred spirit.

Not only is Winn a man through whom God is bringing the life and legacy of Eugene Peterson, he is a man with his own rich and deep Kingdom life and legacy to offer to many. 

Come along for Part 2 of this conversation. 

For the Kingdom,

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