Rise, with Rob Porter (Part 1)

Podcast Episode 141

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We’re lost males, all of us, cast adrift from the community of men, cut off from our masculine heritage—abandoned to machines, organizations, fantasies, drugs.
– Gordon Dalbey, Healing the Masculine Soul

From this central abandonment, we men often find ourselves, consciously and unconsciously, painfully fulfilling the plot line of an isolated and individualized story.

It’s all up to me.

I’m way behind.

It’s too late. 

I am all alone.  

For many of us, these ideas mock, discourage, and sap our strength with harrowing familiarity. 

Yet there is another Voice that calls to us, the voice of our Father God and Brother Jesus and empowering Holy Spirit who reach out to us every minute of our lives, inviting us to enter God’s Kingdom and live lives of endless power and beauty in union with God. 

These are not easy times for choosing the courageous path of becoming a wholehearted man. Yet, friends, we have been bestowed with the dignity of choice coupled with the promise of God’s supernatural power to prevail in becoming everything God means us to be.  

We can choose to risk. To receive. To become men who, in time and over time, root themselves in the Kingdom Among Us and travel the ancient path and process of masculine initiation. 

My like-hearted brother Rob Porter is one of these men. In his sacred rebellion against the enemies of the souls of men, Rob spent decades taking staggering risks, discovering the concrete reality of living as a son, and living into the new storyline of sonship, wholeness, and strength.

It’s not up to me.

I’m on time.

I have more than enough.

I am being led by a good, true, and beautiful Father who is brilliantly orchestrating my rescue, redemption, and masculine initiation. 

What would it be like for that all to be true?

Come along, and let’s find out together. 

For the Kingdom,

Show Notes:

If you or someone you know are in the region, consider attending the Becoming a King Retreat hosted by Rob in Auckland, New Zealand.

To discover more about Rob Porter and his new work, visit www.LetsKeepRising.com.

Rob discusses a formative blog during this conversation. You can find it here: Anything, Anywhere: The Four Primary Questions of Masculine Initiation.

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