Rise, with Rob Porter (Part 2)

Podcast Episode 142

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Answers before questions do harm to the soul.
– Henri Nouwen


For the heart of a boy, questions come quite naturally… for a time. 

Then, slowly, like the tide, the questions ebb and become fewer and fewer. The false self takes root, and we increasingly operate under pressure to have life figured out. Curiosity atrophies, and we trade childlike dependency and whole-hearted questions for the self-imposed pressure of well-manicured answers.

We become self-sufficient.

In Part 2 of this conversation with Rob Porter, we rediscover the innocence and hope of asking questions. For every question eventually leads us back to the heart of God. Join us as we re-engage our question marks and respond to the invitation to live as men outrageously loved by God.

For the Kingdom,

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