Jesus, Our Older Brother (Part 2)

Podcast Episode 144

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Pointing to his disciples, Jesus said, “These are my brothers and sisters, my true family. Whoever does the will of my Father is my family.”
– Matthew 12:49-50 (paraphrase)


As Dallas Willard reminds us, Jesus is the most brilliant person to ever live. His brilliance shines not only in the what of his rescue but also in the how.

By becoming human, the Triune Creator not only redeemed our bodies, minds, hearts, emotions, and wills, he redeemed all our relationships, taking the brokenness of our intimate and consequential connections into the wholeness of the Family of God. In his incarnation, he comes to us as the Beloved Son of God and the True Older Brother to all humanity.  

If the Family of the Trinity is the first template of reality, then Jesus’ inclusion of us into his Family moves reality forward toward its breathtaking conclusion. 

As we observe Jesus engaging men and women, we discover a brotherly extension of love, care, and invitation from him. 

Redeeming every dimension of siblinghood, Jesus undercuts competition, dismantles violence, and flies in the face of division—relentlessly treating people as his beloved brothers and sisters. And he is inviting us to do the same.

What if all masculine and feminine initiation is to prepare our souls to fully and creatively participate in the Family of God? 

Our Older Brother is generously showing us the way.

Let’s follow his lead together. Join Cherie and me for Part 2 of this conversation. 

For the Kingdom,

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