Wild Courage, with Jeremy Morris

Podcast Episode 146

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 I have no idea where I’m going. But I know exactly how to get there.
Boyd Varty, The Lion Tracker’s Guide to Life


In the Kingdom of God, we are never behind and it is never too late to consent to our unique version of the universal pattern of masculine initiation. 

We are always on time.  

What if that were true?

What if we believed it?

What if we lived it? 

Masculine initiation as apprentices to Jesus of Nazareth is the only story big enough to anchor our hearts and hold the collective weight of our suffering and triumph. It is the only story that releases the shackles of regret and worry and delivers us into the present-moment possibility that we are right on time. That we are being led. And that the affection of our Father will, in the end, win. 

Come along into a conversation with like-hearted apprentice and ally Jeremy Morris of the Wild Courage team as we encounter afresh the gift of consenting to the slow and steady process of masculine initiation. 

For the Kingdom,

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