The Lion Tracker’s Guide to Life (Part 1)

Podcast Episode 152

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I have no idea where I’m going. But I know exactly how to get there.
– Boyd Varty,
The Lion Tracker’s Guide to Life


Boyd Varty’s life illuminated in and through The Lion Tracker’s Guide to Life has been a steady stream of nourishment for my masculine soul in recent years. I’ve returned time and time again to the disruption and enticement of his life, wondering with hope and curiosity…

What does it mean to be a man in this hour on earth?

Where is the path to wholehearted, integrated masculinity today?

Amidst the poison and disintegration of postmodern life, is any of it concretely possible?

Masculine initiation is meant to be the interpretive grid and narrative arc for every relationship, aspect, and dimension of our lives. 

Boyd’s experience in the God-breathed and terrifyingly wild spaces of South Africa reveals to us a freshly discovered universal truth of masculine initiation: Too much uncertainty is chaos. But too little is death…and we are invited to track this narrow path of uncertainty under and within the heart of a Father who is extravagantly loving and wholeheartedly forging us into deeper maturity as men.  

Join me and Boyd Varty for the first part of a daring conversation on all things masculine initiation. 

For the Kingdom,

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