The Lion Tracker’s Guide to Life (Part 2)

Podcast Episode 153

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Any place you don’t find a track is not wasted, but part of refining where to look.
– Boyd Varty,
The Lion Tracker’s Guide to Life


Boyd Varty’s life has enticed me into ever deeper waters of my masculine initiation. His stories of tracking animals in wild spaces offer stunning insight into the experience of tracking our souls as men during this bewildering hour on Earth.

Boyd’s insight offers particular treasure for our community of apprentices to Jesus, inviting us to become men whose wise hearts and skilled hands can engage in our Father’s intention to share his power and authority on earth as it is in heaven. 

One Kingdom irony is that our Father invites us into this risky endeavor of power-sharing through the unlikely doorway of losing track of our lives. As Boyd suggests,

“There is a last track, and then it’s gone. Trails can be like life in that way. You are clear on a path one minute, and the next instant, it’s gone. You get fired, you lose a loved one, the company fails, you retire, she dumps you, and you get divorced. Where you thought you were going vanishes. Who you thought you were is lost….More than any other part of tracking, losing the track might be the most metaphorically rich.” 

What if losing the track—and what we do with being lost—is an essential practice to engaging in the unbroken line of God’s masculine initiation of our souls? 

If we are to dare greatly and fail forward, we must practice accepting that losing the track is an essential part of tracking. We must courageously accept that to admit we are lost is to discover we are found by a good and strong Father lovingly leading us home. 

Join Boyd Varty and me for Part 2 of this daring conversation. 

For the Kingdom,

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