The Metanarrative of Feminine Love, with Cherie Snyder (Part 3)

Podcast Episode 156

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He trusts her without reserve and never has reason to regret it.
– Proverbs 31:11 MSG


To say the proverb another way, masculinity trusts femininity without reserve and never has reason to regret it. 

Femininity trusts masculinity without reserve and never has reason to regret it. 

What if this is intended to both include and transcend marriage, plunging us into the possibility and finally the scandalous destiny of Galatians 3?

“…you are all one in Christ Jesus.” (3:28 NIV)

In The Sacred Romance, Brent Curtis goes as far as to say that Heaven holds for us “multiple intimacy without promiscuity.” Oh, to plumb the depths of integrity and recover even more of what might be intended when we wrestle with what it means to be formed in the image of a Trinitarian God.

What would it be like to truly embody the New Testament vision of the Body of Christ and become creatively unified in whole-hearted interdependent relationship with one another, as men and as women?

Let’s dare to discover together. 

Join Cherie and me for Part 3 of the Metanarrative of Feminine Love. We think you’re going to love it. 

For the Kingdom,

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